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Paige Mitchell

Terracotta Daisy Border Tiles (Set of 4)

Terracotta Daisy Border Tiles (Set of 4)

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Terracotta boarder tiles for use in the garden. 

Rolled out and cut by hand in terracotta clay, detailed with white slip, sgraffito daisies and stamped on the back. Allowed to dry slowly to avoid any cracking or warping.

Due to the unglazed nature of these tiles, they will develop a natural patina and aged look with time. 

To fit in the garden: dig a small, slim trench where the tiles are to be placed. Cover with a cloth or tea towel and use a rubber mallet to work into the ground. Extra care should be taken to avoid any cracking, but the tiles are generally good and sturdy when using the correct tools! 

Measures approximately 13.5cm x 12.5cm x 1cm

This listing is for a set of four terracotta tiles.

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